img expertise aviationM1 Composites Technology specializes in engineering, certification, manufacturing, and repair for commercial and military transportation.

  • Composites (carbon fiber, fibreglass, kevlar, honeycomb sandwich panels)
  • Sheet Metal
  • Industrial Fabric (seat belts, cargo nets, restraints)
  • Aerospace
  • Land Vehicles
  • Naval Systems
  • Motorsport

M1 Innovations


Our mission at M1 Composites is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while assuring quality, safety, and rapid turnaround time.


Fueled by the strength of our team and inspired by the success of our customers, we are the partner of choice to meet your expectations and quality standards in the repair and maintenance of composites as well as metal structures. Our quick and efficient repair methods actively help our customers operate more efficiently and reduce their operating costs. With the M1 team, anything is possible!

M1 Composites Core Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development Program

At M1 Composites, we firmly believe that adopting a CSR program is essential to our growth and sustainable development. We apply this framework in all aspects of our activities and ensure it is practiced by our employees. Our sustainable development program covers:

  • Compliance and Integrity
  • Environmental Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Rights and Labour Relations
  • Anti-Corruption

A copy of this program can be found in the link below:

POL-24B CSR Sustainable Development Policy


We also believe that our suppliers must abide by the same set of principles which promotes a healthy and sustainable supply chain. We insist that all our suppliers follow our CSR supplier engagement program which can be found in the link below:

POL-23B CSR Supplier Engagement Program

We have also become a member of associations promoting good sustainable development practices such as Future Earth and GODAN.



Code of Ethics

We have a set of ethical policies that we regularly enforce and closely follow. We require all employees to abide by them at all times. Here is a copy of our Code of Conduct listed below:

M1 Composites Code of Ethics



Diversity in the Workplace and Industry

M1 Composites incorporates employee diversity and inclusion by recruiting internationally (South Africa, Colombia, Philippines, USA). To support and facilitate their integration in our company, we are partnered with a local school to provide communication and language courses. Furthermore, we demonstrate our commitment to diversity in the industry by participating in the Air Canada Young Women in Aviation Day.




M1 Composites is fully aware of the importance of environmental sustainability and fully committed to manage our activities in an environmentally responsible manner. One of our main objectives is to manufacture, assemble and repair our products in a way that minimizes environmental impact.

Please consult our environmental policy below:

POL-10B Environmental Policy


Hazardous Material

All hazardous material and supplies are properly identified, tracked, stored and monitored in designated locations in our facility. Our Kanban and Just-in-time supply chain management system allows for material cycle time to be reduced so that waste is minimized. We work closely with waste disposal vendors to ensure that hazardous material is disposed of properly.




Education is one of the most powerful drivers of progress. Committed to inspire the next generation’s interest in aerospace and developing a pipeline of young talent for the aviation industry, M1 Composites partners with local and North American Schools (College, Universities and Trade schools) and with Aviation Organizations (Aéro Montréal, Canadian Council of Aviation & Aerospace, Air Transport Association of Canada).  M1 is working closely with Trade schools (École Nationale de l’Aéronautique & École des Métiers de l’Aérospatiale de Montréal) to shape the curriculum based on our needs so the young talent will be trained with the right skills to work at M1 Composites. We have been presenting at these schools as well as participating at open houses and career fairs. We also schedule student visits at our facility, to encourage graduates to work in the aerospace industry and to attract more students to aviation and aerospace programs.

M1 Composites is proud to invest in future engineers. We offer internships and we help future engineers in their projects (Rocket, Drones and Racing Car) by using our equipment, expertise and coaching. In addition, we provide parts that we are no longer using as well as expired materials to local schools, ultimately reducing unnecessary waste.

Furthermore, we support and provide contribution to the Fondation Du Cégep Édouard-Montpetit.

M1 Composites company BBQ 2018



Health and Safety

At M1 Composites, we fully commit to providing healthy, safe environment for our employees as well as for our community. Employees work in a welcoming, hazard-free environment as M1 Composites prioritizes employee safety and security in their day-to-day operations. Our CSR committee continuously works on ensuring employee mental and physical well-being in addition to improving procedures to further minimize safety risk.

M1 Composites offers some extra-curricular physical activities. During the warmer months, M1 has an organized softball team as well as weekly friendly soccer games open to all employees.

M1 Kelvar Sox 2020


M1 participates in annual charity events such as the 48-hour bike ride for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Air Canada Foundation Golf Tournament.

M1 Composites Team for 48h bike for the Make-A-Wish Foundation Air_Canada_Foundation_Golf_Tournament-M1


Here are some of the organizations we support and financially contribute to on a regular basis:

  • Air Canada Foundation
  • Dreams Take Flight
  • Fondation Institut de Cardiologie de Montréal
  • Fondation Marie-Louise Clarac
  • Hopital de Montréal pour enfants
  • Hopital Marie-Clarac
  • Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation
  • RMR Association

Please consult our health & safety policy below:

POL-11B Health and Safety Policy





Company History

Company History

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