Overhaul Program ElevatorA318/319/320/321 Elevator overhauls include:

  • General visual inspection per CMM (including incoming weight verification).
  • Thermographic inspection per SB A320-55-1046 and NTM
  • Mechanically sand finish down to pore filler
  • Repair composite skins per A320 SRM (if applicable). Includes core replacement for water ingress.
  • Hinge fittings and actuator fittings:
    • Remove all bushings per A320 SRM
    • Repair holes per A320 SRM
    • Ream holes per SRM
    • Eddy current inspection at reamed holes per NTM
    • Install repair bushing press
    • Line ream inner bushing I.D. to final diameter per SRM
  • Remove trailing edge filler per SB A320-55-1045-00 (if applicable)
  • Replace damaged/worn spar access covers
  • Remove outboard tip and replace oversanded rivets. Re-install outboard tip and seal (if applicable)
  • Replace damaged/worn spar access covers
  • Restore surface protection per CMM (surfacer, primer, and paint).
  • Replace hardware:
    • Upper & lower pad stopper
    • Hoist plugs
    • Bonding leads
    • Static dischargers
  • Weigh and re-identify elevator per SB A320-55-1042 (or CMM for post-SB units).
  • Units supplied with Transport Canada or EASA Form One (approved FAA 8130-3) indicating AD/SB compliance, M1 configuration worksheet, and M1 teardown worksheet including full damage mapping.

We also offer project management of your fleet’s elevators, as well as exchanges and seed units.

Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins covered by this program:

EASA Airworthiness Directives

  • AD 2010-0091
  • AD 2012-0008
  • AD 2010-0071
  • AD 2013-0147
  • AD 2012-0221
  • AD 2014-0014

Airbus Service Bulletins

  • SB A320-55-1046

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