M1 Composites is an Approved Maintenance Organization in advanced composite materials and sheet metal structures as well as a Transport Canada Design Approval Organization (DAO 14-Q-01) with an experienced and innovative engineering team.

Maintenance and Repair Approvals:

  • Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO 23-12)
  • EASA Part 145 approval (145.7284)
  • FAA approved under FAR 43.17
  • Hong Kong (HKCAD acceptance number CAI/214)

These certifications coupled with M1 Composites’ internal agility and dedication to delivering a quality product allow it to provide its customers with the best value on the market for all its services which include engineering, manufacturing and repair.

M1 Composites has extensive capabilities including but not limited to those listed below.



civil aircraft

Spoilers Slats Pylon Fairings Fan Cowls Inlet Cowls Lip Skins Floor Panels Bulkheads Cockpit Windows Radomes NLG Doors Door Liners Wing-to-Body Fairings Thrust Reversers Exhaust Nozzles CNA MLG Doors Flap Track Fairings Overhead Bins Lavatory Shrouds H-stab Panels Elevators Tailcones APU Ducts Rudders V-stab Panels Cargo Nets and Liners Cabin Panels and Liners Flaps Ailerons Winglets


Support Services

  • Materials and Processes (M&P)
  • On-Site Support/Investigation
  • Damage Assessment and Surveys


Hot Bonder Calibration

Hot Bonder Calibration

Overhaul Programs

Overhaul Programs

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