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At M1, our corporate culture is built upon a strong foundation of core values that guide everything we do. Respect is at the heart of our interactions, both within our team and with our valued customers. We believe in the power of teamwork, recognizing that collaboration and communication are essential for achieving our goals.

Passion drives us to continuously improve and innovate in the aerospace industry. We approach every project with dedication and enthusiasm, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality results. Our commitment to performance means that we set ambitious standards for ourselves and consistently strive to exceed them.

Credibility is vital in our industry, and we take it seriously. We believe in delivering on our promises, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and earning the trust of our customers and partners.

These core values collectively define our corporate culture, shaping our identity as a company that’s not only focused on excellence in aerospace but also on fostering a positive, respectful, and collaborative work environment. We’re proud of our culture, and it’s at the core of our success in the aerospace sector.


What to expect when you join the M1 team

Innovation Focus
Collaborative Culture
Growth Opportunities

M1 drives aerospace innovation, providing exciting opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects and expand your skills.

Our inclusive environment fosters teamwork, open communication, and recognition of every team member’s contributions.

M1 invests in your professional development, offering training, skill-building, and clear paths for career advancement. Join us for a rewarding aerospace career.



Our available applications

Design Repair Engineer

Project Lead

Production Quality Control Technician

Composites Technician

Aircraft Structural Repair Technician (MRO)


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