Commercial aircraft spares pool

Our spare pool is available to ensure “Zero” TAT. Our pool includes:

  • A320 platform Inlet Cowls
  • A320 platform Fan Cowls
  • A330 / A320 Thrust Reversers
  • A330 CNAs
  • A320 platform Elevators
  • A320 /A330 / E190 Radomes

And much more. The full list is available upon demand.

Parts are available for Out Right Sale, Exchange, or Lease to better serve our customers.


Our Capabilities

Spares Management
Exchange Programs
Inventory Management
Certified and Reliable Parts
Logistics Support

We understand the criticality of spare parts availability for uninterrupted operations. M1 Composites has established efficient spares management systems to ensure timely delivery of required parts. We work closely with our customers to identify their specific spare parts needs and maintain adequate inventory levels to meet their requirements.

M1 Composites provides exchange programs for various aerospace components. This enables our customers to quickly replace worn or damaged parts with serviceable ones, minimizing downtime and reducing the overall repair and replacement costs. Our exchange programs are designed to ensure the availability of high-quality, certified components, thereby supporting the operational readiness of our customers’ aircraft.

We have established robust inventory management practices to effectively track and manage the availability and condition of spare parts. This includes implementing inventory control systems, conducting regular inspections and audits, and ensuring proper storage and preservation of spare parts to maintain their integrity.

M1 Composites is committed to providing our customers with certified, reliable, and high-quality spare parts. We have established partnerships with reputable suppliers and manufacturers to source genuine and traceable components. Our stringent quality control processes ensure that all parts meet or exceed the required standards and specifications.

M1 Composites offers comprehensive logistics support for spares and exchanges. We have experience in handling cross-border shipments, export controls, and transportation logistics. Our established partnerships with transportation companies enable us to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for delivering spares to our customers, wherever they are located.