Repair Design

Transport Canada AMO and DAO

As a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization and Design Approval Organization, M1 can design and certify repairs, all in-house. This enables M1 to continuously add capabilities to our growing list.

Certification and compliance

M1 Composites has extensive experience in certification processes and compliance management. Our engineers work closely with regulatory authorities and certification agencies to ensure that designs, repairs, and modifications meet all necessary standards and regulations.

Reliability and Maintainability

We focus on enhancing the reliability and maintainability of aircraft systems and components. Our engineers analyze reliability data, develop maintenance strategies, and implement improvements to optimize operational efficiency and reduce downtime.


Design to Build

Our robust engineering team has the capability to conduct comprehensive static and fatigue stress analysis to evaluate the performance and integrity of aircraft structures.

Our engineers use advanced analytical techniques to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


M1 engineers have carried out research and development of various military parts. One example is the research, design, and prototype development of fuel bladders for certain military aircraft.