In the early days of the 787 aircraft, spare parts were both scarce and exorbitantly priced. This predicament put one of our valued customers in a tight spot when their aircraft collided with a goose, causing significant damage to the radome. Faced with the prospect of scrapping the damaged radome after purchasing a costly replacement, M1 Composites saw an opportunity to shine. We embarked on an audacious challenge: reverse engineering and repairing the seemingly irreparable.


Using our expertise, we scanned a 787 radome and masterfully crafted a custom mold. The level of damage was so severe that the process was akin to manufacturing an entirely new radome. Collaborating closely with Boeing, we meticulously executed the repair, transforming what appeared to be a write-off into a fully restored and functional component. Remarkably, this achievement came at a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new spare radome – a significant boon during a time when radome repair capabilities were virtually non-existent.

Customer Benefit

The result? A delighted customer who not only received a fully repaired radome but also reaped substantial cost savings, effectively obtaining a spare for the price of a repair. This success story not only underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions but also highlights our determination to go the extra mile for our customers, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. At M1 Composites, we turn adversity into triumph.